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Living with Myeloma

No doubt about it. A diagnosis of myeloma is life-changing. But there are IMFers who go on to live extraordinary lives with myeloma. This section of the web site is dedicated to them.

Support - Living with Myeloma

The Myeloma Mobile is Back in Connecticut
The Tuohys are back home. If you aren't up on their travels, read Robin's blog to get the report and pictures from their cross-country tour! And you do not want to miss the amazing two-part video of Team Tuohy on StoryBridge.tv.

Living Successfully with Multiple Myeloma
"So who's going to take care of you? Who will take that responsibility? It had better be either you or someone who loves you, because nobody else will have the time, energy, resources, and desire to take on the job." Peter Tischler, who has been living with myeloma for twelve years, writes about taking control of the quality of your life.

Man raises awareness of myeloma: Profile of Peter Tischler
After his cancer diagnosis in 1994, Peter Tischler turned to a support group for help dealing with the disease. "But most of the people there had solid tumors and a chance for a cure," he said. "I didn't relate real well." Tischler longed to talk to survivors who could tell him what to expect. So he founded the North Texas MM support group.

My New First Birthday
During Mary Burke's treatment for multiple myeloma that began in December of 2001, "I made some promises. If I survived, I would take as good care of my emotional self as I was of my physical self. For me that meant a little less work and a lot more play. Part of my personal therapy was to say "yes” to a class, Telling Tales: Sharing the Stories of Our Lives, and turning a personal and life-changing event into a story that would be told in eight minutes."

Fighting Myeloma at Sea!
Jerry Eisenhower, myeloma patient and member of the San Diego support group, along with his nephew and brother, sailed from Lake Erie to San Diego. Jerry's trip was more than just an exciting sailing vacation, it was a symbol of strength, bravery...and LIFE with myeloma.