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Spotlight on Support

What a feeling the first time you walk into a support group meeting and realize you are surrounded by people who are going through the same thing you are. They have asked the same questions of their doctors, made the same seemingly-impossible treatment choices, faced the same fears. And here they are chatting and laughing and eating coffeecake. At that moment you know that you are not alone in your fight against myeloma.

In Spotlight on Support we focus on new support groups and news about support groups. If you know of a support group that should be in our spotlight, contact Robin Tuohy, Regional Director, Support Groups, Northeast or Andy Lebkuecher, Regional Director, Support Groups, Southeast.

spotlight on support

08.17.07   The Myeloma Mobile is Back in Connecticut
The Tuohys are back home. If you aren't up on their travels, read Robin's blog to get the report and pictures from their cross-country tour! And you do not want to miss the amazing two-part video of Team Tuohy on StoryBridge.tv.

04.19.07   Millennium invites Support Group Leader to XIth Myeloma Workshop in Kos, Greece
Millennium will underwrite the expenses necessary for Maddie Hunter, co-leader of the Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group, to attend as a 'Patient Representative.' Maddie will blog and write about presentations and news of interest to myeloma patients and caregivers.

01.22.07   It's here! The Fifth Myeloma Quilt of Courage.
The Quilts of Courage have traveled with the IMF to Patient & Family Seminars across the country, bringing inspiration to everyone in the myeloma community. Here is the fifth and final quilt in the series.

12.22.06   The IMF Mourns the Passing of Cathy Lebkuecher, winner of the Francesca Thompson Outstanding Service Award for her work with myeloma patients.
In her honor, the IMF is establishing the "Cathy Lebkuecher Memorial Fund," whose proceeds will be used to assist support groups in maintaining sustainability and to address the needs they encounter in the face of this devastating disease.

11.05.06   The IMF on the Road in Atlanta
Andy Lebkuecher, Regional Director of Support Groups for the Southeast was invited to attend the Atlanta Employees Health Fair.

06.11.06   2006 IMF Support Group Leaders' Retreat
Take red wine, dark chocolate, donuts, and custom chips. Mix in people from 4 European countries, 5 Canadian provinces, and 18 US states, along with stellar IMF staff and Board members, plus 1 psychotherapist. Cook at about 100F degrees in an Arizona resort and you have the 7th annual IMF Support Group Leaders' Retreat. What a recipe for success!

05.23.06   On the Road with the IMF Support Team
Robin Tuohy, Kelly Cox and Andy Lebkuecher have been making the rounds of the wonderful myeloma support groups in the USA. In this report, Andy visits Kansas City, Baton Rouge and Fort Myers.

03.22.05   The North Texas Myeloma Support Group (NTMSG)
The NTMSG had a modest beginning, only four families attended its first meeting in Arlington, Texas. Today it serves approximately 150 families from all over North-central Texas. Some members travel hundreds of miles to attend the monthly support group meetings.

01.31.05   Spotlight on The Myeloma Foundation of Australia
Prompted by their health professionals, three couples met in August 1998 at the offices of the Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria to discuss ways of encouraging the government, the universities, the scientists, in fact anyone, to dedicate time and money on research into multiple myeloma.

01.17.05   Spotlight on Support: A New Group for Long Island, New York
Congratulations to Bill and Helen Krueger and Bob and Margie Russell for getting the very first Long Island Support Group started.