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Myeloma Manager
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Amyloidosis Manager™ Personal Care Assistant™

montage-small.jpg Download the Amyloidosis Manager™ Software

The Amyloidosis Manager™ was developed by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) to help patients and caregivers deal with the glut of information and constantly increasing complexity of myeloma treatment programs. It helps organize laboratory test results, notes and reports and also provides a reference shelf and news features.

The Amyloidosis Foundation collaborated with the IMF to customize this tool, originally developed for the myeloma community, for amyloidosis patients and caregivers. Some of the documentation and support materials will say Myeloma Manager™ instead of Amyloidosis Manager™ but the material should still be helpful because the underlying software is the same.

The IMF provides this software free of charge but asks that you provide contact information so that we can inform you of any updates to the software.

To download your copy, please click the "Add to Cart" button below and complete the checkout process. You will then receive an email with a link to download the software.

If you do not receive the email with the download link or have any problems downloading or installing the software, please email or visit the MMPCA User Forum

A webcast providing an introduction to the Amyloidosis Manager™ is available online at

Please note that this program will not run on a Mac

Technical support for the Amyloidosis Manager™ manager is available online at the MMPCA User Forum