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For every Crane created during the months of March, April and May, Millennium will make a donation to the IMF.

Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company has a mission to deliver extraordinary medicines to cancer patients worldwide through their science, innovation and passion. They've chosen to artistically represent their commitment to patients through the creation and construction of a monument at their headquarters in Cambridge, MA. This exhibit contains one thousand origami-folded cranes—each crafted from the handwritten personal wishes of cancer patients, employees, physicians, caregivers and advocates on the frontlines of the fight against cancer. An electronic kiosk adjacent to the hanging cranes enables exhibit patrons to virtually touch and see the cranes unfold to reveal the wishes within.

The crane, known in Japan as the "tancho," has for generations embodied hope, beauty and good fortune. An ancient Japanese legend, known as senbazuru (son-bu-zoo-roo), promises that anyone who folds one thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish, such as long life or recovery from illness. At Millennium, their wish is to someday cure cancer.

This initiative has been taken global through 1000cranesofhope.com where each website visitor is invited to make wishes, creating digital origami cranes that will join the flocks and share their voice in a community united against cancer. Users can also click on floating cranes to read the collective wishes of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and Millennium, Takeda and IMF employees who stand together in the fight against cancer.

To help raise awareness of multiple myeloma, Millennium will make a special donation to the International Myeloma Foundation for every wish made during March, April and May. Join in the fight against cancer and multiple myeloma by adding your wish at 1000cranesofhope.com TODAY!.

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