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Support Groups

The IMF is often asked by patients if we know of support groups in their areas where they can meet others dealing with myeloma. There is a worldwide network of more than 150 myeloma support groups that hold regular meetings for members of the myeloma community.

Although the IMF does not sponsor these groups, we support their efforts and conduct annual summits for myeloma support group leaders. We encourage you to seek them out. Use the menu below for a list of the groups that we are aware of in your area.

Europe : Germany

All Germany

APMM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Plasmozytom/Multiples Myelom)

Please go to www.myelom.org for information in German about support groups, reports, and meeting information.

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The Selbsthilfegruppe Plasmozytom/Multiples Myelom Berlin organizes meetings throughout the year.  The chair of the group, Matthias Minhoefer, +49 – (0) 30 – 62 73 08 38 or shg.minhoefer@gmail.com, can be contacted for more information.

Please contact Rosemarie Jäger at Rosemariejaeger@aol.com or +49 – (0) 4174 – 3867 for further information.
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Myelom-Hilfe Thüringen (MHT) can be contacted at msht@gmx.de or +49 – (0) 36 41 – 21 08 30.  The chair of the group can be contacted at +49 – (0) 367 41 – 569 04.

The Selbsthilfe Plasmozytom Multiples Myelom Karlsruhe e.V. meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month (except August) from 19:00-21:00 in the Gemeindehaus der Katholischen Kirchengemeinde Christ-König, Tulpenstraβe 1a, Karlsruhe-Rüppurr.  The group’s website is www.plasmozytom-ka.de.  You can contact Brigitte Mews at +49 – (0) 721 – 942 68 71 or hub.mews@gmx.de for more information.
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The Multiples Myelom Selbsthilfegruppe Mayen-Koblenz / nörl. Rheinland-Pfalz (MM-
SHG MYK) meets 5 times per year.  Detailed information can be found at the group’s website, www.shg-myelom.de.  For further information, please contact Paul Becker at +49 – (0) 261 –478 31 or Harald Eberwein at h.eberwein@web.de or +49 – (0) 2634 – 95 62 51.
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The Multiples Myelom – Plasmozytom Selbsthilfegruppe Leipzig meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 10:00 at Haus Leben, Friesenstraβe 8 (Endgeschoβ), Leipzig, near the Straβenbahn-Haltestelle Lindenauer Markt.  The leader of the group, Albrecht Reiβman, can be contacted at SHG-Leipzig@web.de or +49 – (0) 341 – 940 37 42.

Munich (München)
Myelom/Plasmozytom Hilfe München holds meetings for patients and caregivers on the 3rd Wednesday of odd numbered months from 16:00-19:00 at the offices of the Bayerische Krebsgesellschaft, Nymphenburger Straβe 21 a, 80335 München.  You can contact the group at +49 – (0) 89 – 54 88 – 40 43 or mhm-stadtbuero@myelom.info. Volunteers are available by telephone every Tuesday from 10:00-17:00.
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Neustadt a.d.Weinstraβe
The Selbsthilfegruppe Kurpfalz and Westpfalz meets the first Tuesday of the month at the Gaststätte Am Rosengarten (Nebenraum) on the Muβbacher Landstraβe in Neustadt a.d.W.  For more information please contact Brigitte Reimann at +49 – (0) 63 21 – 96 38 30 or by Email at multiples.myelom.rlp@gmx.de.

Information about Plasmozytom/Mutiples Myelom Selbsthilfegruppe NRW e.V. (PMM SHG NRW) can be found at www.plasmozytom.net.  The office is located on Dornaper Straβe 18, 42327 Wuppertal.  For further information please call +49 – (0) 20 58 – 89 53 27 8 or Dr. Rolf Pelzing, chairman, at rolf.pelzing@t-online.de.
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The Selbsthilfegruppe Plasmozytom Saarland meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 17:00 at KISS, Futterstraβe 27, Saarbrücken.  For more information please contact Monika Faber at schauer.plasmozytom@gmx.de or +49 – (0) 681 – 940 55 89.