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February 2002 Volume 4, Issue 9

News & Notes - February 2002

Myeloma Top Ten

What did the experts find most promising in myeloma research for 2001?

An Olympic Light Shines on Myeloma

With the Torch a Mayo Doctor Carries Hope for a Cure

Southern California IMFers Start The Year Right!

Book Review:

The author's medical mutiny, as he calls it, is a story both powerful and thought-provoking.

Help the IMF Help You

PATIENT UPDATE: MedX Lumbar Extension Treatment

Ask The Experts: Infection in Multiple Myeloma

Infections are both common complications in myeloma patients as well as potential trigger factors for the disease.


Functional Assay-LM-PCR

IMFer PROFILE: Lee Grayson

Benson Klein's Troopers Answer the Call

A bake sale for a friend results in a donation for the IMF.

Dallas IMF Patient & Family Seminar Report

Over 200 patients, caregivers and physicians eagerly participated in our first Patient & Family Seminar of 2002.

Myeloma Today - February 2002