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Summer 2005 Volume 6, Issue 5

Education, Advocacy, and Awareness:<br>Chicago IMF Patient & Family Seminar

The seminar inspired me so much that starting a myeloma support group in my area is now one of my top priorities. With newly found hope, education, and knowledge of the IMF's passion for finding a cure, we feel more in control of our situation.

Education, Advocacy, and Awareness:<br>Cancer, Civil Rights, and Political Placebos

When truth meets politics to collaborate for change, great things can happen for future generations.

Meet the IMF: Allan Weinstein Joins the IMF Board of Directors

I was diagnosed around September of 2002. I had a symptom but it wasn’t a typical myeloma symptom. I was treated for an infection, but the infection recurred, and my internist didn’t like that.

The IMF Welcomes David Siegel, MD, PhD

The IMF is pleased to announce that Dr. David Siegel has joined its Scientific Advisory Board.

IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions

My father-in-law has myeloma and may be a candidate for a stem cell transplant. I am pregnant. Can my baby’s umbilical cord blood be used for his transplant?

The International Myeloma Foundation’s CDC Initiative

The IMF is thrilled to have received a grant from the CDC to help in their efforts to increase awareness among African Americans regarding hematologic malignancies.

Revlimid® (Lenalinomide): Where Do We Stand?

One way or another, it seems that the long wait for Revlimid may be nearing an end.

IMF Honors Kenneth C. Anderson, MD with 2005 Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Anderson has done more for the field of multiple myeloma and related disorders than anyone else. He is most deserving of this Lifetime Achievement Award.

IMF Around the Globe

The IMF in Japan and Latin America

Myeloma stem Cells: Attacking the Disease at its Source

Our research focuses on studying the originating cell in myeloma (the myeloma stem cell) and developing treatments that target this cell and inhibit the production of new tumor cells.

Dear Reader

I have just returned from a very successful meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, where exciting updates on myeloma research and treatments were presented.

Patient Perspective: A Conversation with Tim and Donna Egan

Patient Perspective: Cancer Etiquette

The question most commonly asked of a patient is, “How are you?” There is inherently nothing wrong with such a question. But is it the standard “How are you?” we routinely ask when we aren’t really interested in the answer? Is it the mundane “How are