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Winter 2004/2005 Volume 6, Issue 3

Advocacy Update: Federal Support for Cancer Issues in Decline

The science of cancer research holds unprecedented promise. Unfortunately, the issues of federal funding dominating the political agenda—for cancer research and drugs and treatments through Medicare—are not addressing this opportunity.

Message from the IMF President

2004 saw the realization of many of the IMF’s dreams.

New Developments in Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Morie Gertz of the Mayo Clinic brings up to date on new developments in treatment and supportive care.

The Expanding Role of Proteasome Inhibition in Multiple Myeloma

At the 2004 ASH meeting, data from a variety of proteasome inhibitor studies was discussed. Based on these, it seems safe to conclude that more patients with relapsed or refractory disease will benefit from such therapy than previously thought.

IMFer Profile: Andy Lebkuecher<br>Meet the New IMF Director of Support Groups

Like most people who find out one day that they or a loved one has myeloma, we’d never heard of it before. I said, “OK, I guess we need to learn about this.”...We attended an IMF Patient & Family Seminar and became very involved with the Foundation.

North Texas MM Support Group