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February 2001 Volume 4, Issue 3

Did You Know?

Dear Reader - February 2001

A message from IMF President Susie Novis

Myeloma In The Millenium

Oucomes of the IMF Myeloma Think Tank 2000. Participants included Drs. Mehta, Powles, Sonneveld, Kyle, Van Ness, Morgan, Oken, Durie, Blade, Urnovitz, Montagnier, Murphy, Mundy, San Miguel, Joshua and Segeren

Myeloma Today Profile

Dr. Angelina Rodrigues-Morales and Dr. Amara Nouel


MGUS and Peripheral Neuropathy

ASH 2000 Meeting Report

Report from the 2000 meeting of the American Society of Hematology, the largest ever, drawing over 17,000 attendees

IMF Japan Seminar

Report from the first IMF seminar in Tokyo, Japan

IMFer Profile

Roger Neilson, Head Coach of the Philadelphia Flyers

IMF At The NCI Myeloma PRG 2001

The IMF was one of several advocacy groups invited to participate at the PRG (Progress Review Group) Roundtable that took place in December, 2000


The NCI Bypass Budget- An Opportunity To Fill Research Gaps

A Patient's Experience

Surf Your Subconcious Mind

Mind Body Relief: Soothing Pain and Stress

News & Notes - February 2001