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Winter 2002/2003 Volume 5, Issue 4

Dear Reader

The beginning of a new year is always exciting. It’s a fresh start a clean slate — anything is possible. More than ever, I hear myeloma experts and researchers say that they believe we are on the brink of making myeloma a chronic disease. Can cure be

Ribbon of Hope — Making a World of Difference

As The Unknown Patient and his Unknown spouse dragged their luggage onto the shuttle to Washington DC, there was much to celebrate. His battle with myeloma was approaching its thirteenth year and for reasons far from Unknown, he was still going stron

Did You Know? <br>Immunizations in myeloma patients

Vaccination can help reduce the risk of some infections in individuals with multiple myeloma.

Did You Know? <br>The Gift of Good Nutrition

Almost everyone values the gift of health. By making small dietary changes you can reap rewards all year round.

Ask the Expert: Thalidomide and the ImiDs

Research Progress Report: Dr. Ivan Van Riet

A striking feature of myeloma cells concerns their tendency to reside in the bone marrow compartment during the main course of the disease evolution. The microenvironment provides the appropriate signals for growth and survival of the tumor cells. Si

YOUR GIFTS AT WORK: 2003 Brian D. Novis Research Grant Awards

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