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June 2000 Volume 3, Issue 9

A Patient’s Experience: Never Give Up!

Stephen Walker shares his perspective on winning the battle with myeloma

Dear Reader - June 2000

A message from IMF President Susie Novis

Renal Involvement In Multiple Myeloma

News & Notes - June 2000

Thalidomide in The Treatment Of Multiple Myeloma

Second in a series of articles intended to provide readers with perspectives from different centers treating myeloma patients with thalidomide. This article reflects the experience at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Congress Demonstrates Continued Support For Myeloma Research

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison urges NCI to support upcoming Myeloma Progress Review Group (PRG) findings

...For Reasons That Are Unknown

Myeloma and Black Americans

FACE-ing Cancer

A campaign to put a face on cancer

Wisconsin Support Group Update

News from the Madison, Wisconsin support group

We're Having A Party And You're Invited!

The IMF celebrates a decade of support


ENBREL, a possible new treatment option

Myeloma Today Profile: Raymond L. Comenzo, MD, Part II

IMF Joins Cancer Research Funding Coalition