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Encouraging New Research About Virotherapy for Myeloma


The IMF is very pleased to see research from Dr. Stephen Russell at the Mayo Clinic achieving success and starting to make a difference for patients. Dr. Russell presented the concept of this approach to International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) members at our annual summit in London in 2011. I wrote about the "one shot cure" approach in this blog post.

This is a very attractive new approach shifting from chemotherapy and novel therapies to a one-time decisive attack on the cancer, recruiting the body's immune system to do the cleanup job. The measles virus is just one of several being tested for this treatment strategy. This "virotherapy" must be individualized depending upon the patient's prior virus exposure.

In the current report on Dr. Russell's research, one patient has had dramatic benefit--which continues at the present time--the other patient, a temporary response. These patients had limited prior measles exposure. Dr. Russell is looking at other viruses which may be even more effective.

This initial 'proof of principle' is very encouraging. We must have patience--this type of research takes time and must be conducted very carefully to avoid/reduce safety concerns at each step, including safety studies in animals.

Congratulations to Dr. Russell for this initial success--we look forward to ongoing good news.

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Just reading this for the first time, go my news of relapse today, unfortunately. Original diagnosis was may 2012, treatment was dex, velcade, and revlemid, then stem cell transplant. Been in remission until today.was on maintenance for almost 1 you velcade.just had 6 more break from all drugs been great for me but I guess I should not have stopped. Just wanted to know if new drugs since my diagnosis would get me back to remission for a longer period or just use what I was on before, did cause severe neuropathy in the legs.thank you for all the information, back to the fight for life!!

Thanks for tackling this news, Dr. Durie. It's all the rage in raised hope.

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