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Retiring Support Group Leader Andy Lebkuecher Shares Wisdom and Gratitude


To my dear friends,


As I set to retire on January 31st I can only tell you how fulfilling this endeavor has been for me and how wonderful it has been sharing this time with all of you. I thank you for welcoming me to your meetings and am grateful for how much you taught me over the years as I visited you or met many of you at a Patient and Family Seminar, Regional Community Workshops or other places in my travels.

 More than eight years ago Susie Novis and Dr. Brian Durie gave me the opportunity to carry my wife Cathy's legacy forward and meet and assist the most wonderful people in the world, the multiple myeloma support group leaders, patients and caregivers. That period is coming to an end. It saddens me deeply, but life goes on. I will miss all of you and the wonderful IMF staff I have worked with over the years.

My new wife, Juanita, and I will now be able to spend more time together, though I plan to find something to do that will fill some of my time (Juanita's "honey-do-list"?). I have thought about volunteering at a local hospital or other institution. God will guide me as he's done all my life.

Leaders, please do not forget that educating and assisting the patients and caregivers is, in my opinion, the most important thing we do. Please feel free to contact any time you think I may be able to assist you in any way.

Last but certainly not least, please be as gracious to Anne (Pacowta), Nancy (Bruno) and Sue (Enright) as you were to me as they embark on their journey with you.

Thank you and God Bless,

Andy Lebkuecher


Hi Andy
Hope all is well with you I hope you are enjoying your retirement.the support group
Is doing great. All is well with me. Just want to said hello and congradulation
And wish you god speed.
Doris morgan


We and the NETN MM Support Group will truly miss you, and wish you the very best. You and the IMF were a lifeline to me when I started the group in 2007. Best of luck to you, but don't be surprised if you get a check up call from me ever so often to see if you have your "honey-do list" up to date.

All the best, Darlene Jessee

Wishing you the best of everything life has to offer. Thank you so much for your leadership and friendship over the years. I will truly miss all of the mm updates I've counted on receiving from you to pass on to group members!
You've worked long and hard for many years helping others...now it's your time! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!
Please do keep in touch ~ you'll be missed.

All the Best,

So sorry to see you retire. You have been a tremendous help to me over the past year and one half and I'm sure you have helped countless others.
God Bless You and know that you will be missed.
George Jurak
Polk County Florida MM Support Group leader

We wish you all the best in your "new" life with Juanita. You were great leader for us as we began our journey with the IMF and our support group.
We will miss you and your expertise.
Hugs and blessings.

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