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We Owe It To Ourselves To Get Involved


My name is Kathy Cartwright and I have been living with a myeloma diagnosis for approximately 11 years.

Call me what you want--daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, myeloma patient, myeloma survivor and now, myeloma advocate!

Back in July, while attending the IMF Support Group Leader Summit, I learned that advocacy is not the same old politics-- advocacy can affect each one of us and the care we get as patients.

I am so glad Aimee Martin and the rest of the IMF advocacy team explained some of the simple ways we can influence our local, state and federal governments to pass laws to protect cancer patients and to promote cancer/myeloma research. Postcards for Parity are postcards the IMF produces to collect signatures in support of the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act (HR2746). This bill would help get chemotherapies covered equally whether they're delivered orally, intravenously or by injection.

People can get more information on the IMF website, read all about it, and what you can do to help get this bill passed in your state!

I got a bunch of the postcards when we were at the summit, and brought them back to our support group. We had a good response because everyone knows this bill would affect them. Everyone signed them! Most members took extra for family and friends to sign, too. One member's daughter had Aimee send her a batch to take to her church. Her pastor will be making an announcement and they will be getting the cards signed! I also took the cards to the hospital with me and all the nurses wanted to sign them!

Most people have no idea there is a difference in coverage. They are appalled to learn this information, and therefore happy to support the cause!! I am glad I learned about the Postcards for Parity so I can help in this simple way that will have a huge impact on myeloma patients as well as all cancer patients.

We, as citizens and cancer survivors, owe it to ourselves as well as for those who have lost their battle to this awful disease to get involved. Please go to advocacy.myeloma.org or call the IMF to learn more. 

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I will contact IMF on Monday to get some of these cards. My cousin has MM, and I have MGUS. She is 8 wks post stem cell transplant, and is now recovering.

This is true for those not on Medicare but for those with cancer and over 65 we need the US Congress has to make the change in the Medicare law and how do we get those elected officials to begin to look out for someone other than their own re-election.

Absolutely, correct, Carol!!

Yes Carol, that is why you need to get involved. All of us working together will help find a cure. Stay focused, stay informed, and stay involved.

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