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My Apologies

To everyone who subscribes to the RSS feed for the blogs--I owe you an apology. I went back and assigned each old blog to a category (i.e., Dr. Durie's blogs or IMF Community Blogs) to make them easier to search. Consequently, all of you got many emails chronicling my updates. I am so sorry. Don't panic, you won't get any more notices of old blogs. Just new, fresh ones will be coming your way.

Again, my apologies.

Abbie Rich
Web Producer


Actually, I'm glad you did! Since I just subscribed to the blog, I was able to catch up on the 'old' stuff and learned some things new to me. Thanks, Abbie

I was wondering what was going on. It was a little scarey to see so many emails again, please be sure Dr Durie puts on email what he tweets as I do not do tweeter

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