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Live from the Support Group Leaders' Summit - Tasty Tidbits at Lunch

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We had a working lunch today. Box lunches and the opportunity to ask Dr. Durie questions. He patiently stood at the front of the room--it seems he never eats lunch--while we chowed down on sandwiches and pasta salad and apples and giant chocolate chip cookies.

L-lunch-Durie_sgls11.jpgDr. Durie answered questions aboutL-lunch-boxes_sgla11.jpg

    • how long to take Aredia and Zometa
    • patients with myeloma and amyloidosis
    • delayed neuropathy
    • how often he sees patients without bone involvement
    • whether or not to use anti-inflammatories
    • new treatments for neuropathy
    • long-term side effects of steroids
    • promising clinical trials
    • what to be careful of when having hips or knees replaced
    • when to start treatment for smoldering myeloma
    • can ONJ be treated, and will it ever go away
I know everyone wanted this session to go on forever, but we had more to do. Thank you, Dr. Durie. You rock!

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