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Live from the Support Group Leaders' Summit - Old and New Together

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The Summit has started and it is so great to see the people I met last year. And, what is really interesting is that there are so many leaders of new support groups.
Caethe Goetz, who just had a stem cell transplant, is here. She looks good!

Tamy Smith and Modenia Black

And Modenia Black, from Richmond, Kentucky, brought her co-leader, Tamy Smith, with her this year. They are wearing T shirts that say "Fearless in Flight." That's because at every support group meeting, they decorate the room to look like a travel destination. They print tickets, and serve the local food. Every meeting is a flight of fancy. And they call the group "Fearless in Flight." A friend of theirs, Jerry Williams, was so inspired by them that he wrote a poem for their group. They read it to us, and it was very touching. Modenia and Tamy may be new support group leaders, but they have got it going on!

katirostensgls11.jpgKatie Rosten

But before I go back to the meeting, I want to quote Kati Rosten, leader of another new-ish group in Redding, California. Kati has had a challenging year, but she told me, " I had to come back to this meeting. It just builds me up, and then I can go back and help my group. They lift me too, but this helps me lift them." I couldn't say it better, Kati.

I will have some great pictures later, but for now, back to the meeting.

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