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Supplements: What's The Story?

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Here is a subject bound to raise a lot of discussion and perhaps some hackles: supplements. It's a big subject, one that is hard to define.  For now, let's just call supplements substances that are taken orally and can be easily purchased over the counter, often in health food stores.  They are often touted as treatments for all sorts of ailments, which is up for debate, but we know some supplements can be helpful to some people.  For myeloma patients, here is some information about supplements that you should know.  For starters, never take a supplement without first talking to your doctor.  Supplements that you might think can only help you, might turn out to hurt you, either directly or by interfering with your myeloma treatment.


Like any other drugs, supplements can have unexpected effects.  There have been a series of scientific articles published within the last few years that indicate that some common supplements may inhibit the activity of Velcade (bortezomib).  They are alpha lipoic acidVitamin C and green tea.


While these articles only look at the effect of these substances on Velcade in the lab and not in people, most doctors recommend caution with their use for patients taking Velcade.  Usually, the suggestion is that patients avoid alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin C, and green tea on the day before, the day of, and the day after they receive their Velcade.  Again, make sure you discuss this issue with your doctor before either starting or abandoning these substances while taking Velcade.


We'll continue to blog occasionally on other supplements that are of particular interest to myeloma patients.


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Curious about vitamin C and Velcade. Is it any dose of vitamin C or does IV vitamin C in higher doses change the picture? Can IV therapy with high doses be done on other days during velcade treatment? Thanks

Does anyone know of a complementary therapist who specialises in Myeloma and who can give dietary / nutritional advice specific to myeloma? I realise you can't give a 'recommendation' as such, but I'd love to hear from anyone who's had a good experience with someone of this sort.
Thanks very much,


Can you provide us an email where we can reach you to provide this information?

-Christina Phillis

I'd also be interested in finding out if there is someone that is good that can provide some insight into supplements for people with MM. Thanks, Sue

Have Multiple Myeloma and want to know what diet & suppliments is good.

What supplements do not interfere with velcade and revlimid for myeloma patients?

I am also interested in diet and supplements for myeloma patients. Please send me info.

I'm only 3 months into treatment for MM with Revlimid and I am getting better already. Recently my eye doctor diagnosed macular degeneration (MD). Although there is no cure for MD, he recommended a one a day supplement of multi vitamins containing the usual vitamins e.g. vitamin E, C, etc. I am also concerned about interactions of these multi vitamins with my MM treatment and do not want anything to interfere with the this treatment.
I will bring the vitamin bottle in for my oncologist to look at but I have not taken any as yet.

Bob Adamski

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