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November 2010 Archives : Thoughts from the "Good Patient"

Welcome to the "Good Patient" Blog!

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I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the summer of 1990, over twenty years ago.  Over the years, I have seen so much progress in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple myeloma!

People diagnosed with myeloma can now look forward to a much brigheter future, as we work towards the day when myeloma will be a chronic and, ultimately, a curable disease. With proper care, most myeloma patients should expect to live well for many years with the still challenging disease.  Everyone should understand that this takes hard work and perseverance-- but it can be done!

Feel free to post your own stories about your battles with the beast we call myeloma as well as questions you might have about dealing with the disease and managing care for yourself or your loved ones and friends.

Mae WestOne of the most important lessons in being a "Good Patient" is not to be too good.  Being too good can get you killed.  A distinguished opinion leader of days gone by, Mae West, perhaps said it best:

"When I'm good, I'm good, but when I'm bad, I'm better!"

Examples of how being "too good" can get you killed include:
  • Not getting a second opinion because you don't want to insult your doctor
  • Taking "no" for answer when you need to hear "yes", like getting that question answered today instead of tomorrow, getting that appointment this week instead of next
  • Not wanting to offend the nurse hanging that IV by asking what's in it
  • Not letting the doctor or nurse know that you're having bad side effects from your medications