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I am a physician who was diagnosed 8/10/11. I have MM and have failed just about every treatment including BMT. I started pomalyst and was thrilled that it actually and finally had an effect on my numbers. Unfortunately after a month of treatment it came close to putting me in liver failure. I treat liver cancer on a daily basis and could not treat my patients with the labs I had. It took 2-3 months for my labs to approah mildly abnormal. We restarted the drug at half dose and in 5 days my bilirubin was 3.6 and my liver enzymes in the thousands. I am again on a hiatus trying to get my liver to normal. It has been 5 months, 2 liver biopsies and lots of steroids. Not to mention all of the other poisons we need to take to survive and feel better are off limits as they aggravate the injured liver.
My advice proceed with caution and make sure someone is monitoring your liver enzymes. If you happen to be one susceptible to the liver effects it is best to catch it early and avoid the scenario above. I am a concerned physician and am willing to discuss, help, relate if any questions.

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