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my Husband Hector has multiple Myeloma also
he was diagnosed last march with stage 3a
he had velcade and a stem cell transplant
he is doing fine now
his doctors tell him he could live another 10 or 20 years
(he is 60) His doctor Dr. Chari of Mount Sinai medical center
is a Multiple Myeloma speciaist.
I wish Tom Brokaw well. I have admired him for many years
He will beat this you must keep a positve attitude throughout

I was very shocked when I read on Facebook n heard on the News about Tom Brokaw having Multiple Myeloma. I wish you the best in your treatment Mr Brokaw n hope you live a very long an everlasting life with lots of help n recovery.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in September of 2008. It was a very traumatic experience for me but after talking to my Wonderful Doctors n them explain exactly what Myeloma was I felt a lot better. My Doctors gave me several books to read that explained the stages that I would go through, throughout my life. I'm still in stage 1 of Multiple Myeloma n haven't had to have any treatments except Ardia which is a Bone Rebuilder that helps the bones from becoming very little or you getting any fractures. I was first told that I have the bone compassity of an 60 yr old person. I'm the first person in my immediate family to have Myeloma but there are other forms of cancers throughout my family. I was alsoo told as long as I always follow my treatment plans of my Doctors, I can live a long everlasting life jus like everyone else. Best believe I am going to always listen to my Doctors n do as they say for me to always stay in good health n live a very long life time until God is ready to call me home with him.

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