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Where do I sign up? I've had 2 tplants and am currently on rev maintenance.

My good friend is from Sweden and has had this for three years now. He has had the xplant and in remission, yet on such pain killers that he can barley function. Any help finding him some help beyond Sweden's horrible health care system would be immensely appreciated.

Dear Dr. Durie,

My mom was diagnosed with myeloma four years ago. She was given Revlimid and Dexamethasone. A few months later, she had a stem cell transplant (auto, not allo). A few months after that, still taking the Revlimid and Dexamethasone, she was declared to be in remission, although not complete remission. She is still taking Revlimid. Her doctor told her to stop taking Dex. Soon she will also stop taking Revlimid (doctor's orders).

Can you help my mom to somehow get into complete remission? Her myeloma has remained stable since she was declared to be in near-complete-remission. She is willing to take part in trials.

Thank you,

San Francisco, CA.

My uncle has has been treated on multiple myelom in 2012. He underwent 2 bone marrow transplanations with no success, the MM still progresses. He is also willing to participate on research, since he hasonly one more chance of bone marrow transplatation. New treatment is his only help. Is there a chance for him to become a part of the program?

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