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My father died two years ago, but I still keep looking in information on the new efforts to discover a cure for this disease that would be available to all people. It would be nice to accomplish it.

This is good news I had a bone marrow transplant 4 years ago and doing great. Just in case I have a relapse..... I hope this is the answer (:

I need this sign! I had to stop my maintenance chemo, Revlimid last Thursday, due to a superficial blot clot. I have been on this chemo for almost five years. Now I just hold my breath and pray my multiple myeloma doesn't return. What hope you have given me today!

I was diagnoised in 2004 and have had 2 stem cell transplants. Still not in remission! Been on just about everything available...now I am on pomalyst. Doctors say I am "running out of options"! How do I sign up to be in a clinical trial??

My heart goes out to all of you who are fighting so valiantly against this disease. I have been "in remission" for about a year and a half after completing a round of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation to counter MM diagnosed at stage three in early 2010. So far, so good. The disease has not recurred in testing at three month intervals. But I know that residual disease still hides in my body as my M spike, though low, is not zero. So, if I understand correctly, "Black Swan" will take advantage of recent advancements in genetic analysis to identify resistant clones of residual MM cells. My only concern is that it is one thing to develop more refined tests to diagnose disease and quite another to find a treatment to combat disease. So, I hope the optimism expressed in the initiative pragmatically bridges the gap between refinement in diagnosis and effectiveness of treatment.

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