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As the carer of an 8 year diagnosed MM patient, and like the overwhelming majority of Australians, I sit in complete bemusement at this debate in the US. Like yours,our Government uses the tax system in many ways to modify behavior, sometimes with a stick, e.g higher taxes on imported motor vehicles , sometimes with a carrot, e.g tax deductibility for some retirement savings.
It forces my employer to contrite to my retirement savings and since this affects my salary is a form of forcing me to buy something. But if I do not buy it , the tax payer will have to pay for my retirement later
Capital gains are taxed at lower rates than income.Does this mean the Government is forcing me to buy non income/capital gain producing assets against my will?
Bottom line is that every MM sufferer in Australia can receive the best and most comprehensive treatment including stem cell and drug therapies at no cost and without discrimination-what can be bad about that?
This disease is distressing enough for all involved without adding financial worry.
Come on the most enlightened country in the world, join virtually the entire developed world in providing universal health care to all your citizens!We are not socialists, we are civilized and caring!

Obamacare is not bad. They just hate the man who got it passed--President Obama.

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