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Just wondering what is the date of the event. IMF says Oct 13, 2012 but announcement page says Oct 27.

My wife and I are thinking of attending. The cause is worthy and the show is a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity. (I have myeloma.)

I was wondering about sponsorship opportunities, my wife and I would love to attend but do not have the finances to do so

Hi Ken,

We do have opportunities for volunteers at the event. Contact me at the IMF for more information!

-Randi Lovett

I just want to thank everyone that are part of this charity event

I read about it before I was dx. I am always interested what famous people and I have in common. I wish people with MM would express it and not just say cancer, but multiple myeloma so people would be more aware of this terrible disease. My goal is to make people aware of MM. May be some year we could attend and thank you in person. God bless Ray Romano ans Drew Cary.
You are all in my prayer
Bless you and your families
PALM coast fl

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