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Excellent summary of the current status of PN prevention and supplemental remedies. It is worthwhile noting that some cases of PN (especially when unilateral) are due to the disease process itself. Do we have any comparative data on Carfilzomib in regards to PN risk? Thank you, Jan H. Stafl MD

Hello, Dr Stafl: There are three Webcasts from ASH 2011 on our website that summarize the current understanding regarding treatment with Carfilzomib and related side effects. To access the abstracts, the interviews:

As far as Velcade IV goes, 16% of patients have greater than or equal to grade 3 PN. If you are looking at total incidence of PN (of any grade)with IV Velcade it is 53% (see Takeda Oncology latest press release regarding approval of SQ Velcade for more information and comparison of IV to SQ Velcade administration). If you need any further information, please feel free to call in to the Hotline 800-452-2873.

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