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Does anyone know if someone is using a detox method right now and on oxycodone and morphine....she is worried about the affects of the loss of mone marrow..if anyone has any ideas in what might be more helpful with or instead of Quadramet...please let me know! thank you for your time


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My friend has Multiple Myeloma and has had to have 2 kyphoplasty procedures in the past 2 months. During the second procedure some of her ribs were fractured. She is on her last treatment of her 2nd round of chemo and has had a lot of pain in her back. She has said that it isn't directly on her spine but to the right and left of it. She has been told it is muscle spasms and has been taking medication for it. Is anyone familar with these types of spasms and how long they may last? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how to treat them to make the pain a little less intense for her? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

My mother started chemiotherapy in June 2011 with dexamethasone, thalidomide and melphalan.
Before the tratment, in April 2011, she had: IgA=0.27, IgG=24.22, IgM=0.12, light chain Kappa=6.95, light chain Lambda=0.38, free kappa in urine=20.78, free lambda in urine=0.54.

After eleven months (May 2012), the biopsy showed she had less than 0.5% of plasma cells with neoplasic phenotype (I assume myeloma cells), so the specialist decided to suspend the chemiotherapy until further increase of malignant cells.
However, she stayed with thalidomide.

In June 2012, she had: IgA=0.26, IgG=7.26, IgM=0.15, light chain Kappa=2.09, light chain Lambda 0.69=, free kappa in urine=112.61, free chain lambda in urine=27.11
The variables that increased were the free chains in urine (kappa and lambda).

Eventhough she hasn't got anemia (she's had always Erythropoietin 10.000 Ul twice a week), she feels she's got low energy (not as bad as while having chemio)

The specialist is not sure about suspending the thalidomide: I assume the upside of not suspending it is that it helps controlling the myeloma, but I think the downside is that it weakens her.

My question is: should I suspend it?

My husband was diagnosed with multiply myeloma eight days ago after six months of horrific pain. He refused to go to the doctor and I forced him in the end. He refuses all treatments even pain medication. I am at my wit's end. How long will he live without treatment?

Instead of 10 mg I chose 25mg on & off for maintenance. It has helped with reducing digestive track problems. ed

My husband is on his first relapse of MM. He was dx'd in 12/08, Revlimid throughout 2009, able to have stem cell transplant in 4/2010. What I would like to share with folks is he started to become very fatigued, loss of appetite, excessive thirst, fevers off/on, etc. 4 - 6 weeks prior to us being told he was in renal failure and the MM has returned. Watch for these signs/symptoms, challenge the doctors to look harder, the renal failure, by chance, was found by a gastro doc we were sent to for blood in his stool. While he knew my husband's history, he said he thought there might be something else going on. A simple CMP was done showing the hypercalcemia, etc. With the immediate admission to the hospital and subsequent 10 days of fluids, drugs and 5 transfusions, he's now on chemo. I believe he will pull through this and encourage all to just keep challenging your doctors! We are blessed tha he was in remission for 4 years and we will get through this relapse as well! I work full-time and caregive full-time but wouldn't have it any other way! My husband is 64 ... prayers all around for all of your loved ones

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