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Greetings from France!

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I arrived in Paris yesterday (Saturday) and spent a bit of time walking in the city... mostly to make sure I stayed awake to combat the time change.

I've been to Paris a few times before and I'm always amazed by looking up at the facades of tall apartment buildings with their balconies contained by iron railings and ornate decorations.  I remember remarking during my first visit that one could take almost any "ordinary" Paris building and plop it in the middle of San Jose (where I live) and it would be an incredible historical architectural landmark.

And, of course, eating is also important to combat the time change. Parisian breads (baguettes, croissants) and cheeses are excellent sources for "time-change" management. But I'm not sure how to explain my continued inhalation of these several days from now (grin)!  

Did you know that May 1 (May Day) is a big holiday in Paris?  Today, many roads and stores are closed.  Guess I'll walk somewhere for my daily bread and cheese. I'll need to stay fortified for the upcoming back-to-back meetings of the International Myeloma Workshop!


Au Revoir




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