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Support Groups

The IMF is often asked by patients if we know of support groups in their areas where they can meet others dealing with myeloma. There is a worldwide network of more than 150 myeloma support groups that hold regular meetings for members of the myeloma community.

Although the IMF does not sponsor these groups, we support their efforts and conduct annual summits for myeloma support group leaders. We encourage you to seek them out. Use the menu below for a list of the groups that we are aware of in your area.

Middle East : Israel

AMEN - The Israeli Association of Myeloma Patients
AMEN was founded to benefit the welfare of myeloma patients in Israel, improve quality of life, centralize information on the disease, treatments, meds and research etc as well as suggestions for treatment vis a vis support agencies like Bituah Leumi [Social Security], insurance companies, various rights etc, as well as other subjects which will help the patient and family members get through a difficult period of adaptation and the establishment of a viable quality of life in light of the new situation they face.

In short order our Hebrew language website which will have medical info and more will be up and will be a home to the myeloma family, a place from which to learn, to which to write, through which to ask, recommend and get updates.

Contact: Mati Raviv at mati-r@013.net.il or by phone at 052 258 7612 or Zipy Farber at zipyfarb@netvision.net.il or by phone at 052 396 1210 [from overseas drop the 0 in the prefix and add 972] .

In order to reach each patient of the myeloma family with support and information, we ask you to contact us by downloading and sending us the form after completing all the details. All details sent will be maintained for our contact purposes and will not be passed on to any other cause without authorization.