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IMF's International Myeloma Working Group consists of 160 leading myeloma researchers from around the world who collaborate on a broad range of myeloma research projects. With a goal to improve myeloma treatment options and diagnostic systems, their work focuses on protocols to provide a more durable remission for myeloma patients while improving quality of life, addressing the needs of both myeloma patients and the physicians who treat them.

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Mission of the IMWG
To conduct basic, clinical and translational research in a collaborative manner to improve outcomes in myeloma, and to provide scientifically valid and critically appraised consensus opinions on the diagnosis and treatment of myeloma and related disorders.

In further pursuit of this mission, IMWG holds an annual summit to identify, support, and implement the most promising research to prevent onset of active disease, improve treatment, and find a cure for myeloma.
IMWG Publications
The IMWG has a two-fold task: to conduct translational research—from lab bench to patient bedside—under the auspices of the IMF and to publish consensus statements and guidelines for the management of myeloma. These publications represent both the work of the IMWG and the work of individual IMWG members who have based their papers on IMWG data sets that were made available to them.

IMWG Guidelines
These guidelines from the International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) represent a capsule summary, capturing the main points of, but not intended to replace the publications from which they came.

As with all guidelines, they are informational and may contain issues to be discussed with your treating physician.

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