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Winter 2005/2006 Volume 6, Issue 7

IMF's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant renewed for second year

With our CDC grant renewal for 2006, the IMF will reach out to additional communities, as well as strengthen the community relationships we formed in 2005.

Advocacy Update: Support for Cancer Priorities Short-Changed in President’s Budget

President Bush’s recent state-of-the-union speech set the stage for an annual federal spending proposal that threatens to further erode our nation’s long-standing commitment to advance the pace of medical research and drug access.

The Yin and Yang of Long-Term Survivorship

Philosophers in the Han dynasty (207 BCE to 9 AD) developed the concept of Yin and Yang, the idea that everything in the universe has its opposite. If this is so, where does cancer fit into this ancient method of understanding life?

American Society of Hematology - 47th Annual Meeting

Recap from the American Society of Hematology's 47th annual meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia on December 10–14, 2005. We have selected the major myeloma presentations for you to keep informed on the latest myeloma research that was presented.

Dear Reader

2006! Another new year, one filled with new opportunities, new partnerships, and renewed hope. As is customary it's also a time to look back on what we've achieved and this year I'm especially proud of what the IMF has accomplished.

The Stafford Family Funds Myeloma Research Grant

To date, the four WAMP swim-a-thon events have raised more than $40,000—enough to fund a grant in my dad's honor through the IMF research program. Our family plans to continue our efforts to help fund myeloma research in hopes for a cure for my

Flavia Hiatt Shares Her Story

On August 13, 2005, Flavia and her friends transformed the boardroom and mezzanine of Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills into a fabulous fashion trunk show to benefit the IMF's myeloma research program. Shop For A Cure featured Flavia's own clot

2006 IMF Brian D. Novis Research Grant Awards

Grant Recipients Honored at IMF Scientific Advisors Meeting.

Combination Therapy with VELCADE plus Melphalan & Prednisone

At the 2005 annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology, Dr. Jesús F. San Miguel presented interim data on the ongoing GEM/PETHEMA study of VELCADE® (bortezomib) plus melphalan and prednisone (V-MP) in elderly, previous

Pain Management in Multiple Myeloma

Myeloma Today speaks with Daniel R. Kloster, MD

Transplant Nutrition

Myeloma Today speaks with Heather-Ann Younker, RD, CNSD

My Life With Myeloma

It's important to know that you can lead a good life—and a long one—even with myeloma.

Challenging Cancer with the Power of Painting

Board of Directors Profile: Matthew Robinson

This is a very exciting growth period for the Foundation. And it's enormously rewarding for me to apply my business experience of the last 20 years to helping the IMF accomplish its goals and objectives.

IMFers MAKE A DIFFERENCE!<br>2005 Member Fundraisers in Review

When the IMF started its member fundraising program several years ago, we had no idea how our members would respond. Would they be intimidated? After all, "fundraising" is a daunting word to some of us. Or would the opportunity of being pro

2005 Support Group Recap

As the IMF embarks on a new year, it serves well to look back at the accomplishments of 2005. It was an exciting year. Robin Tuohy, Kelly Cox, and I made visits to about a third of the myeloma support groups around the country. This was a very reward

Central Nebraska Myeloma Support Group

The IMF Returns to St. Petersburg, Russia

International Clinical Conference Promotes Myeloma Education

IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions

My brother was just told he has a very rare form of myeloma called IgM. I can’t find anything on it and keep coming across discussions of something called “Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia.” Can you help?