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Clinical trials offer patients access to promising new treatments which have not yet been approved. They offer an opportunity to help make new treatments available to all patients by helping to advance science. Patients in clinical trials receive high-quality care and are carefully followed.

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If commercially available drugs are not working, then new drugs available only within clinical trials may be recommended. Depending upon the circumstances, a patient may also seek to participate in a later phase clinical trial (e.g., phase III) even from the onset of the disease.

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The IMF is pleased to offer a number of ways to help you locate a clinical trial which may be appropriate.

Information about clinical trials
Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups
Learn more about clinical trials from the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups. The coalition is a group of nine organizations that are called cooperative groups. The cooperative groups bring together hundreds of institutions to conduct the large, Phase III trials that compare therapies and are often critical in getting new therapies approved
National Cancer Institute Multiple Myeloma Trial Results
Summaries of Newsworthy Clinical Trial Results

National Cancer Institute(NCI)
Clinical Trials Educational Materials
The NCI has an outstanding collection of educational materials about clinical trials
Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group - Guide To Clinical Trials

Cancer Trials Support Unit - Efficient and Effective Tools for Clinical Trials Management.
The Cancer Trials Support Unit (CTSU) is an NCI funded program to facilitate participation (by both patients and physicians) in phase III NCI sponsored Cancer treatment trials.