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For Myeloma Awareness Month 2010, the IMF is pleased to offer a series of teleconferences covering the pillars of the IMF's activities: Support, Education, Research, and Advocacy

Myeloma Awareness Month 2010

03.05.10   Myeloma Awareness Month 2010
Teleconference with Tiffany Richards, MS, ANP, AOCNP
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Member of the IMF Nurse Leadership Board

03.12.10   Myeloma Awareness Month 2010
Teleconference with members of the IMF Hotline Staff
Paul Hewitt, Missy Klepetar, and Debbie Birns

03.19.10   Myeloma Awareness Month 2010
Teleconference with Dr. Brian G.M. Durie
Chairman of the Board of the IMF
Professor of Medicine
Cedars Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center

03.26.09   Myeloma Awareness Month 2010

Teleconference with members of the IMF Advocacy Team and a panel of patients who have recently served as advocates:
Arin Assero, Christine Murphy, Michael and Robin Tuohy, and Jerry Walton.