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06.11.13   Health Reform and You: The ABC’s of the ACA for Private Health Insurance
Next up in our Patient Education Series on the Affordable Care Act: Learn the alphabet soup of private health insurance changes coming in 2014 – QHPs, EHBs, OOPs, marketplaces and more! Join us to hear from a panel of experts from think tanks and policy groups who will discuss what cancer patients and their families need to know nowabout the health insurance world in 2014.

05.22.13   Health Reform and You: Navigating the Changing Health Insurance System in California

05.02.13   The Patients Equal Access Coalition Applauds a New Bill to Improve Access to Oral Cancer Drugs
The federal Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act will dramatically improve the lives of cancer patients. Patients who previously could not afford these treatments will be able to access their life‐saving effects. It will also make cancer treatments more practical for patients living in rural and underserved areas by reducing the need to drive long distances for a nurse or doctor to administer treatment.

04.16.13   "Understanding Health Disparities in Cancer: The Case of Multiple Myeloma"

04.12.13   Medicare and Myeloma Patients

04.12.13   Medicare and You

03.19.13   As the Bill Turns

01.14.13   Calling all Advocates!

01.14.13   Myeloma Awareness Month Proclamation - a Piece of Cake!

11.29.12   The IMF Spearheads New Coalition’s First Meeting on State Health Exchanges
SPEAC held first meeting with cancer advocates in Springfield, Illinois to discuss how to work together to ensure Illinois' state health exchange offers affordable access to comprehensive cancer care.

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