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Myeloma Awareness Month Proclamation - a Piece of Cake!
By Jerry Walton

Myeloma Awareness MonthIn a recent email to support group leaders, the IMF encouraged our participation in the effort to get local city councils to proclaim March as Myeloma Awareness Month.  To quote the IMF:

"Having your hometown declare March as Myeloma Awareness Month is much simpler than you may think....In this Toolkit you will find everything you need to go out there and get it done."

Having seen the relentless political struggles over the Fiscal Cliff and related issues of late, my first thought was "How can any dealing with government be simple?"  But no kidding, to my surprise it really was!  Both support group member/advocate Tom Glass and I, dealing with the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake city councils respectively, found council members very willing to support the cause.  A simple tailoring of the draft proclamation to the specific city and contact with a council member led to prompt approval and official scheduling of proclamation issuance.  Bottom line: dealing with the government doesn't get any easier than asking a local city council member to do something free and noteworthy, for constituents.  Pull up a chair, support the cause.....and enjoy a piece of cake.  (As your New Year's resolution allows ;>)

Email or Phone Aimee Martin for the Tool Kit to get started today!

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