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Myeloma Manager™
Personal Care Assistant™ Version 4.0.2

We are pleased to be able to offer you, free of charge, this software, designed specifically to help patients and caregivers battling multiple myeloma track and understand their lab results. We hope that you will find it useful.



I tweaked the program so it can run on mac 10.7 using "numbers."

I used this program on my PC when I was first diagnosed 2009. It was a great at making it so visual for me, and helped me to understand my lab tests.
After a remission, followed by a relapse and a new mac computer,
I'm wishing I could run the program again to track my progress thru my clinical trial.

I for one, encourage and applaud your continued diligence on the Mac edition and am hoping for a speedy outcome.

Meanwhile - any suggestions for us Mac users on 'tweaking the program so it can run on Numbers?"
I have a MacBook Pro, 10.6.8.

It can be run on a dual boot mac running windows, but that is the only mac option at this point.

Hi there, I have downloaded this and when I try running it I get informed that it is "not a valid Win32 application"
I have a fairly new laptop with a 64-bit operating system.. Please help!


Sorry that you are having trouble downloading/installing the myeloma manager. The message that the installer is "not a valid Win32 application" is almost always because the download was interrupted and the full file was not transferred. This can result from problems with anti-virus software or even a plain, vanilla internet hiccup.

If you email me at mmpca@myeloma.org, I would be happy to help you install the software.

M i k e

Just read the advice to Apple users about how to access Myeloma Personal Care Assistant. Please clarify what a "dual boot mac running windows" means. I need to purchase a new Apple very soon. Last time I inquired about using the Assistant on a "mac" I was told I was out of luck but IMF hoped to be able to offer it "in the future." Please directly to my email address, as I don't seem to work in the blogosphere very well .

Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify a way to make the manager Mac OS compatible without essentially rebuilding it. You can, using a dual boot Mac, run both Mac OS and windows and run the manager on the windows system. I believe all of the new macs will support dual boot.

I have used Myeloma Manager to monitor all my test results for the last 2 1/2 years and it has been a great tool for tracking my data. Unfortunately I purchased a new PC with Windows 8 and I can not download the program. Is there a way to download it, or is there a revised version coming out soon?

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