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The American Society Of Clinical Oncology 2004 Annual Meeting was held June 4-7, 2004, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The IMF is grateful to the investigators and presentors who contributed their time to provide this update and hopes that you will find it informative and useful. To get started, first select a speaker from the list below, then:

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ASCO 2004 Presentations
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Paul Richardson, MD, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
Bortezomib {Velcade®} vs. dexamethasone in relapsed multiple myeloma: A phase 3 randomized study

Vincent Rajkumar, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
A randomised phase III trial of thalidomide {Thalomid®}plus dexamethasone versus dexamethasone in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (E1A00): A trial coordinated by the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group

Jamie Cavanagh, MD, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK
PAD therapy (bortezomib{Velcade®}, doxorubicin and dexamethasone) for untreated multiple myeloma (MM)

Sundar Jagannath, MD, St. Vincents Comprehensive Cancer Center, New York, NY
Myeloma Treatments, First-line therapy with bortezomib (formerly PS-341) {Velcade®} in patients with multiple myeloma (MM)

Ivan Borello, MD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
A phase I/II study of Xcellerated T Cells after autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in patients with multiple myeloma

William Bensinger, MD, Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA
Update of the 166Ho-DOTMP transplant studies in multiple myeloma as well as a discussion of the randomized study for patients with refractory MM

A. Palumbo, MD, The Italian Multiple Myeloma Study Group
Oral melphalan, prednisone, and thalidomide for newly diagnosed myeloma patients.

Robert M. Rifkin, MD, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, US Oncology, Denver, CO
Final Results: Multicenter Trial of DVd vs VAd in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

Mohamad A. Hussein, MD, Cleveland Clinic Multiple Myeloma Center, Cleveland, OH
Cost Effectiveness of Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (DOXIL®/CAELYX®) vs. doxorubicin in the VAd regimen (DVd) to treat multiple myeloma

Front Line Therapy Discussions
Leading experts discuss current perspectives on front line therapy for newly-diagnosed myeloma patients

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