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The IMF is pleased to present the most comprehensive coverage of the XIth International Myeloma Workshop.

Day 1 Genetics Day 2 Novel treatment approaches
  Microenvironment   Frontline treatment of Myeloma
  Bone Disease   Debate I (Importance of CR)
      Oral presentations I
      Oral presentations II

Day 3 New treatment development Day 4 Oral presentations III
  Stem cell transplant   Debate II - Role of Transplant
  Other plasma cell dyscrasias   Current and Future Perspectives


KOS 2007
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06.26.07   KOS 2007: Mosaicism of Vessels in Patients with Myeloma and Therapeutic Approaches
Angelo Vacca, MD
Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Oncology
University of Bari Medical School
Bari, Italy

06.26.07   KOS 2007: The Role of T-Cells in Multiple Myeloma
Douglas Joshua, MD
University of Sydney
Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Hospital
Camperdown, Australia

06.26.07   KOS 2007: Genetic Model of Multiple Myeloma
Ruben Carrasco, MD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Medical Oncology Dept.
Boston, MA, USA
(Presentation given by Giovanni Tonon)

06.26.07   KOS 2007: From Oncogenome Mining to Functional Validation of Multiple Myeloma Cancer Genes
Giovanni Tonon, MD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Medical Oncology Dept.
Boston, MA, USA

06.26.07   KOS 2007: Induction of Multi-Lineage Markers and Their Down-Regulation by IL-6 in Human Myeloma Cells
Michio Kawano, MD
Laboratory of Cellular Signal Analysis
Graduate School of Medicine
Yamaguchi University
Ube, Japan

06.26.07   KOS 2007: Pathophysiology of Myeloma Bone Disease
Peter Croucher, MD
Section of Musculoskeletal Science
University of Sheffield Medical School
Sheffield, UK

06.26.07   KOS 2007: The Role of Bisphosphonates in the Management of Myeloma
James Berenson, MD
Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research
Los Angeles, CA, USA

06.26.07   KOS 2007: The Role of Biochemical Markers of Bone Metabolism in Multiple Myeloma. Adverse Events of Bisphosphonates Administration
Evangelos Terpos, MD
Department of Hematology & Medical Research
251 General Airforce Hospital
Athens, Greece

06.26.07   KOS 2007: New Agents Targeting Myeloma Bone Disease
G. David Roodman
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

06.26.07   KOS 2007: A transgenic mouse model that faithfully reproduces the pathogenesis, biology and clinical features of multiple myeloma
Marta Chesi, MD
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Mayo Clinic Arizona
Scottsdale, AZ, USA

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