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VELCADE® (bortezomib) for Injection is an antineoplastic agent available for injection into a vein (intravenously or IV) or under the skin (subcutaneously). VELCADE must not be administered into the spinal fluid (intrathecally). It has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of myeloma. For information about VELCADE, call 1-866-VELCADE (800-835-2233) or the IMF hotline at 1-800-452-CURE (800-452-2873).

General Information
Clinical Trials
Understanding VELCADE as a Subcutaneous (SQ) Injection
Two short videos explaining what you need to know about VELCADE SQ.
New! Tip Card on Subcutaneous VELCADE

Patients Personifying Progress: Mary Ming-Mosely
Two months ago, I started on VELCADE subcutaneous. It’s just a shot. I don’t have to wait for an IV. It’s just in-and-out. VELCADE has kept me going and feeling well enough to live my life.
Subcutaneous VELCADE® Site
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved subcutaneous VELCADE for the treatment of multiple myeloma. This approval was based on a large, international clinical trial that studied VELCADE injected under the skin compared with VELCADE injected into a vein. The 222 patients in this study had been treated for their myeloma and relapsed.

The VELCADE® Website
Information for patients and clinicans on indications and usage.
VELCADE® Downloadable Resources