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IMF Chairman and Co-Founder Brian G.M. Durie, MD welcomes your questions about the latest myeloma treatments, research, controversies and quality of life issues. If you have a question you think might be of interest to the myeloma community, please send to askdrdurie@myeloma.org! For questions of a specific personal nature, please call the IMF InfoLine coordinators at 800.452.2873 or email them at infoline@myeloma.org.

Our archives are brimming with useful information directed at - and asked by - patients, caregivers, and other interested parties... so please watch the episodes below, and share them as much as possible so that others may benefit!




#Ask Dr. Durie
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09.17.15   How does the IMF help accelerate new drug approvals?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie answeres the question on how the International Myeloma Foundation contributes to the acceleration of new drug approvals for multiple myeloma.

Bottom Line:

The IMF's work helps expedite the progress of new drugs from trial phase to full approval.

09.10.15   Are statins helpful or harmful for myeloma patients?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie answers the question regarding statins and its effect on myeloma patients.

Bottom Line:

Myeloma patients need to be cautious when taking statins...But not overly concerned about their impact on the myeloma itself.

09.03.15   What is the role of imaging for routine assessment of myeloma?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie answers a patient's question regarding the importance of imaging and other tests in the routine assessment of myeloma.

Bottom line:

Set an imaging protocol, get a baseline scan and a periodic re-check.

08.27.15   What is the latest news about the Black Swan Research Initiative?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie gives an update on the IMF's signature research project, Black Swan Research Initative.

Bottom Line:

The BSRI team is expanding worldwide and exciting progress is being made.

08.20.15   What is Selinexor?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie discusses Selinexor, a novel, orally administered drug that is currently ongoing clinical trials.

Bottom Line:

Selinexor is a promising new type of drug that can make a difference for myeloma patients.

08.13.15   What are myeloma stem cells?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie answers a patients question on what are myeloma stem cells.

Bottom Line:

However they originate, we need to find a way to eradicate the myeloma stem cells.   

08.06.15   How quickly will you see a benefit from an autologous stem cell transplant?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie discusses how  quickly will a patient see a benfit from an  autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT)?

Bottom Line:

Optimal benefits are expected in 3 months, though there could be some improvements before and after that time.

07.30.15   What does the deletion of chromosome 17 mean?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie discusses how the deletion of chromosome 17 mean to myeloma patients.

Bottom Line:

Chromosome 17 deletion could mean you need extra care and treatment.

07.23.15   Should all myeloma patients be screened for amyloidosis?

In this week's video Dr. Brian Durie answers Laura Mooney's question about amyloidosis and if myeloma patients should be screened for it. Laura is the leader of the Staten Island Support Group.

Bottom Line:

Keep amyloidosis testing on your doctor's check list.

07.16.15   Can weakness, dizziness and other symptoms be caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency?

In this week's video, Dr. Brian Durie answers a question if the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency is an effect of multiple myeloma treatment.

Bottom Line:

Look for other issues that could be causing symptoms that might be easily corrected.

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