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Electronic Medical Records

Debbie Birns, IMF's Medical Editor, talks about the importance of keeping an electronic copy of your medical records.

New Drugs Slow a Fast-Spreading Cancer
The Wall Street Journal covers the recent approval of two new drugs which promise to extend life expectancy for myeloma patients. Features a video interview with Dr. Durie.

Salvatore L. Ruggiero, DMD, MD Talks About Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ)
What is Myeloma?
Dr. Morie Gertz of the Mayo Clinic answers basic questions about myeloma and its treatment.

The Role of Vertebral Augmentation: Expert Opinions
"I Have Myeloma....What's Next?"
A new video from the IMF and the CDCP
The International Myeloma Foundation is proud to present an educational video entitled "I have myeloma...what's next?" funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as part of their educational effort on hematologic malignancies. This video was created to address the needs of African American and other underserved communities, but is of interest to anyone diagnosed with myeloma or concerned about the symptoms consistent with myeloma. Hosted by James Brown, Sports Broadcaster.