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Founded in 1990, the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is the oldest and largest myeloma-specific charity in the world. With more than 350,000 members in 140 countries, the IMF serves myeloma patients, family members, and the medical community. The IMF provides a wide range of programs in the areas of Research, Education, Support, and Advocacy:

RESEARCH The signature project of the IMF’s Research division is the Black Swan Research Initiative®, a groundbreaking and collaborative effort to develop the first definitive cure for myeloma. Each year the IMF also awards Brian D. Novis Grants, which promote research for better treatments, management, and practices in the myeloma field. In addition, 200 leading myeloma researchers around the world comprise the IMF’s International Myeloma Working Group, a research body that has developed guidelines to treat myeloma patients that are followed around the world. Finally, the Nurse Leadership Board (NLB), made up of nurses from leading myeloma treatment centers, develops recommendations for the nursing care of myeloma patients.

 EDUCATION The IMF Patient & Family Seminars, Medical Center Workshops, and Regional Community Workshops are held around the world. These meetings provide up-to-date information presented by leading myeloma specialists and researchers directly to myeloma patients and their families. The IMF Library of more than 100 publications, for patients and caregivers as well as for healthcare professionals, is updated annually and available free of charge. Publications are available in more than 20 languages.

SUPPORT Our toll-free InfoLine at 800-452-CURE (2873) is staffed by coordinators who answer questions and provide support and information via phone and email to thousands of families each year. The IMF sustains a network of more than 150 support groups and offers training for the hundreds of dedicated patients, caregivers, and nurses who volunteer to lead these groups in their communities.

ADVOCACY The IMF Advocacy program trains and supports concerned individuals to advocate on health issues that affect the myeloma community. Working in the US at both the state and federal level, the IMF leads two coalitions to advocate for parity in insurance coverage. The IMF Global Myeloma Action Network works to help gain treatment access for patients around the world. Thousands of IMF-trained advocates make a positive impact each year on issues critical to the myeloma community.

Learn more about the way the IMF is helping to improve the quality of life of myeloma patients while working toward prevention and a cure. Contact us at 800-452-CURE (2873) in the US or 818-487-7455 worldwide, or visit myeloma.org. 

Black Swan Research Initiative

Understanding that the search for a cure for multiple myeloma demands constant innovation, the IMF has launched the Black Swan Research Initiative®, a unique project to develop the first definitive cure for myeloma. Led by a multinational consortium of leading myeloma experts, we are bridging the gap from long-term remission to cure.

One Myeloma Nation

The International Myeloma Foundation reaches out to all myeloma communities around the world.  We are committed to help empower patients and work towards a cure.

The Founding of the International Myeloma Foundation
The story of how Susie Novis, Brian Novis, a myeloma patient, and Dr. Brian Durie established the IMF.
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