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Understanding that the search for a cure for multiple myeloma demands constant innovation, the IMF has launched the Black Swan Research Initiative®, a unique project to develop the first definitive cure for myeloma. Led by a multinational consortium of leading myeloma experts, we are bridging the gap from long-term remission to cure.

#Ask Dr Durie
IMF Chairman and Co-Founder Brian G.M. Durie, MD welcomes your questions about the latest myeloma treatments, research, controversies and quality of life issues. If you have a question you think might be of interest to the myeloma community, please send to askdrdurie@myeloma.org! For questions of a specific personal nature, please call the IMF InfoLine coordinators at 800.452.2873 or email them at infoline@myeloma.org.

One Myeloma Nation

The International Myeloma Foundation reaches out to all myeloma communities around the world.  We are committed to help empower patients and work towards a cure.

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What IMF Patient & Family seminars mean to patients, caregivers,and doctors


Assessment of Molecular Disease Heterogeneity in Patients with MM

Dr.  Jens Hillengass (University of Heidelberg) is lead investigator for a Black Swan Research Initiative-supported study that assesses molecular disease heterogeneity in patients with multiple myeloma by imaging guided biopsy. In this video with IMF-TV, Dr. Hillengass explains the goals of this trial.

IMF’s Black Swan Research Initiative®: ASCENT Trial

Dr. Shaji Kumar of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, discusses the exciting new Black Swan Research Initiative® clinical trial: ASCENT, which stands for Aggressive Smoldering Cure Evaluating Novel Rx Transplant.

In the ASCENT trial (which will begin enrolling patients later this year), high-risk smoldering myeloma patients will receive intense therapy for two years. Dr. Kumar, lead investigator of the trial, says he hopes that researchers will be able to prove that it is safe to treat these patients and get them to a sustained MRD-negative status.

iStopMM (Iceland Screens, Treats, or Prevents Multiple Myeloma)

In this video, Dr. Sigurdur Kristinsson of the University of Iceland describes the exciting new Black Swan Research Initiative® study, iStopMM (Iceland Screens, Treats, or Prevents Multiple Myeloma). As part of the iStopMM study, 140,000 Icelanders over the age of 40 will have their blood samples tested for the precursor to multiple myeloma, or MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance). If they test for MGUS, they are given the option to take part in a randomized clinical trial to treat or prevent the progression of MM. Dr. Kristinnson explains the four aims of this groundbreaking study in this video. 

Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award

Since 2003, the IMF has honored an outstanding physician each year with the Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award. The award, named for its first recipient, is presented to an individual whose body of work in the field of myeloma has made significant advances in research, treatment and care of myeloma patients.

IMF Salamanca Flow Cytometry Workshop

The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) and the EuroFlow consortium introduce a new automated and highly sensitive flow cytometry method for standardized detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) in myeloma patients.

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Webcasts about the IMF, its founding and its programs.

What is the International Myeloma Working Group?
IMF's International Myeloma Working Group consists of 150 leading myeloma researchers from around the world who collaborate on a broad range of myeloma research projects.