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Advocates of the Month Archive

12.09.13   Mini Cooper Enthusiast Tom Chelius is September’s Advocate of the Month

10.02.13   August 2013 - Advocate of the Month

08.12.13   July 2013 - Advocates of the Month

06.04.13   June 2013 - Advocate of the Month

05.01.13   May 2013 Advocate of the Month: The Joyce Family

04.09.13   April 2013 Advocate of the Month

03.06.13   Cindy Ralston, March Advocate of the Month

02.04.13   Lyle Drier, Advocate of the Month for February 2013

01.05.13   January Advocate of the Month Jameca Barrett

12.04.12   December Advocate of the Month Kathy Cartwright

11.05.12   The Atlanta Area Myeloma Support Groups Step Up to the Plate

09.30.12   October 2012 Advocate of the Month: Tom Glass

09.05.12   September Advocates of the Month: The Postcard Rockettes

08.06.12   Advocate of the Month August 2012

07.16.12   One-on-One Interview with July’s Advocate of the Month

06.12.12   Advocacy Update - June 12, 2012

06.11.12   Anthony Sibert

05.17.12   Advocacy Update - April 15, 2012

05.09.12   The Burden of Health Plans Not Keeping Up With Innovation

04.01.12   Delaware Advocate Involves her Family in the fight for Equal Access to Treatment

03.30.12   Missouri Patient Testifies on Behalf of ALL Cancer Patients and the IMF

03.21.12   Advocacy Update - March 21, 2012

02.15.12   Advocacy Update - February 15, 2012

02.02.12   Delaware Support Group Leader Makes Huge Impact at Press Conference in Delaware

01.18.12   Advocacy Update - January 16, 2012

01.04.12   Nurse Leadership Board Member Makes a Difference in New Jersey

12.19.11   Advocacy Update - December 19, 2011

11.15.11   Advocacy Update - November 15, 2011

11.01.11   New Jersey Advocate Persuades Representative to Co-Sponsor HR 2746

10.15.11   Advocacy Update - October 15, 2011

10.01.11   Tennessee Support Group Leader Has Chance Meeting with Representative

09.16.11   Advocacy Update - September 16, 2011

09.01.11   Florida Advocate Seeks Support of HR 2746

08.15.11   Advocacy Update - August 15, 2011

08.01.11   Difference Made in New York by Nurse Leadership Board Member

07.15.11   Advocacy Update - July 15, 2011

07.01.11   Central New Jersey Support Group Leader’s Testimony Makes a Difference

06.15.11   Advocacy Update - June 15, 2011

06.02.11   One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC) Annual Lobby Day 2011

05.15.11   Advocacy Update - May 15, 2011

05.04.11   “A Day at the Capitol” – Wisconsin Lobby Day
Congratulations and THANK YOU to our May Advocates of the Month: Tom Chelius, Sue Enright (West Bend Area Myeloma Support Group Leader), Dick Skalitzky and his daughter Shauna Skalitzky.

04.30.11   Advocacy Update - April 30, 2011

04.15.11   Advocacy Update - April 15, 2011

04.01.11   Advocate’s Testimony in New Mexico Helps Pass Important Legislation
A Letter to the IMF from Advocate David Cowan

03.31.11   Advocacy Update - March 31, 2011

03.24.11   Advocacy Update
With a call to action and a little encouragement, IMF Advocacy team member, Meghan Buzby, gives patient David Cowan a new lease on life

03.15.11   Advocacy Update - March 15, 2011

03.01.11   The Behind-the-Scenes Advocate
We would like to congratulate and THANK E. Michael D. (“Mike”) Scott, an IMF board member, for being March’s Advocate of the Month and a driving force in building a strong advocacy presence for the IMF.

02.28.11   Advocacy Update - February 28, 2011

02.15.11   Advocacy Update - February 15, 2011
The text of the House fiscal year 2011 Continuing Resolution was released last week and it provides cuts to the cancer research and control programs at the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration.

02.01.11   IMF Advocates Take Huge Step toward Change in Wisconsin
Rob and I became charter members of the WCCTA (WI Coalition for Cancer Treatment Access) because we believe it is important for the patient population to be represented in Wisconsin, and that patients and caregivers really CAN make a difference if we let our voices be heard.

01.31.11   Advocacy Update - January 31, 2011

01.20.11   Advocacy Update - January 20, 2011
The House voted to repeal 245-189 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) on January 19. The symbolic vote was along party lines with only 3 Democrats [Representatives Dan Boren (D-OK), Mike Ross (D-AR), and Mike McIntyre (D-NC)] voting with the Republicans.

01.01.11   Advocate Writes to Make a Difference
Marguerite McCausland has been a multiple myeloma patient since 2005 and joined our Action Network in February of 2010. Since that time she has sent a total of 27 messages to her legislators making her the most active advocate in our network!

12.15.10   Advocacy Update - December 15, 2010
Below is a summary of some of the legislative issues that IMF has followed in the second session of the 111th Congress. As you can see, we were successful on many important issues such as ensuring access to clinical trials and declaring September Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

12.01.10   Everyone Makes a Difference!
As the IMF Advocacy team rounds out a very empowering and successful year, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank ALL of YOU!

11.30.10   Advocacy Update - November 30, 2010
Issues Congress must finish before adjourning the 111th Congress include finalizing funding for the federal government and the expiring tax cuts.

11.15.10   Advocacy Update - November 15, 2010
The mid-term elections will create change in the Nation's capital in the 112th Congress. What do the election results mean for the myeloma community?

11.01.10   IMF Advocates Make a Difference at OVAC Lobby Day
Earlier this year, JoAnne and Billy Gunther, wife and grandson of William Gunther, Jr., who passed away from multiple myeloma, participated in OVAC’s (One Voice Against Cancer) lobby day on behalf of the IMF.

10.15.10   Advocacy Update - October 15, 2010

On October 5th, the President signed the Improving Access to Clinical Trials Act into law.

10.01.10   California Support Group Leader’s Testimony Makes Huge Difference
Congratulations and THANK YOU to Caethe Goetz, patient and founder/leader of the northern California Myeloma Stompers-Redwood Wine Country Multiple Myeloma Support Group, for being this month's Advocate of the Month!

09.30.10   Advocacy Update - September 30, 2010
The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Improving Access to Clinical Trials Act (HR 2866) on September 23rd. The legislation, which passed the Senate on August 5th, now goes to the White House where President Obama is expected to sign it.

09.15.10   Advocacy Update - September 15, 2010
One hundred cosponsors of H Res 1433 cleared the way for The House Energy and Commerce Committee to hold a hearing on this resolution, which encourages greater support for blood cancer research and education.

09.01.10   Advice from an Advocate
Congratulations and THANK YOU to Jack Aiello, support group leader and patient from the Bay area for being this month's Advocate of the Month!

08.31.10   Advocacy Update - August 31, 2010
Representative Reichert Circulates "Dear Colleague" Letter to New NCI Director asking him to consider increasing the Institute's commitment to organ-specific research at the NCI through a targeted research program for the deadliest cancers.

08.17.10   Advocacy Update - August 17, 2010
Can You Spare 5 Minutes for Blood Cancer Awareness Month?

08.05.10   Advocacy Update August 5, 2010
Cancer Research Receives Boost in House and Senate LHHS Appropriations Bills

08.01.10   The Power of Advocacy
Earlier this year, Marti Hill, patient and support group leader from the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, visited her congressmen in Washington to discuss issues that are important to her as a patient and to make some very specific requests that would benefit the myeloma community.

07.15.10   Advocacy Update - July 15, 2010
Increase of $214 million for FDA in House Appropriations Subcommittee Mark Up

07.01.10   Virginia Support Group Leader Takes on Capitol Hill
Jerry Walton, Support Group Leader, Southeastern Virginia, accompanied by the IMF advocacy team, visited Washington to talk to his legislators about the issues facing members of his support group and the myeloma community.

06.30.10   Advocacy Update - June 30, 2010
Does Your Representative Support Blood Cancer Awareness Month? Resolution 1433 recognizes September 2010 as Blood Cancer Awareness Month. We need your help to secure 90 cosponsors before this bill will be considered by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

06.21.10   Advocacy Update - June 21, 2010
Representatives Walther Jones (R-NC) and Betsy Markey (D-CO) recently introduced a resolution (H. Res.1433) designating September 2010 as Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

06.01.10   Michael and Robin Tuohy of Connecticut Help to Pass State Oral Parity Bill
IMF Advocates Make a Difference in Connecticut

05.31.10   Advocacy Update - May 31, 2010
Have Questions About the Temporary High Risk Health Insurance Pool? The health reform law creates a temporary national high-risk pool that will be created to provide health coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions who have been uninsured for six months.

05.03.10   Myeloma Advocacy Update - May 3, 2010
NIH Testifies About FY 2011 Research Budget and the ever-present scramble for money was a continuing theme.

03.03.10   Myeloma Advocacy Update - March 30, 2010
On Tuesday, March 23rd, the President signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which transforms significant portions of the health care environment and contains a number of reforms that will be extremely beneficial for myeloma patients.

02.15.10   Advocacy Update - February 15, 2010
President’s Budget Includes Funding Increases and Cuts to Blood Cancer Programs

01.31.10   Myeloma Advocacy Update - January 31, 2010
Progress in passing health care reform legislation has significantly slowed. Congressional leaders are currently determining how to pass this important legislation as well as what a final package might look like and what the timing might be.

01.15.10   Advocacy Update - January 15, 2010

12.17.09   Advocacy Update - December 17, 2009

11.05.09   Advocacy Update: November 5, 2009

09.15.09   Advocacy Update - September 15, 2009

09.01.09   Advocacy Update - September 1, 2009

08.03.09   Advocacy Update - August 3, 2009
Both the House of Representatives and the Senate forged ahead on health care reform; however, neither the House nor the Senate were able to pass their respective versions of health care reform before adjourning for the August Congressional recess period which begins on August 3rd. Unfortunately, this delay means that Congress will miss the deadline set by the President earlier this year to enact health care reform.

05.23.06   Advocacy Update: Senators Outraged by Decreased Research Funding

02.14.06   Advocacy Update: Support for Cancer Priorities Short-Changed in President’s Budget
President Bush’s recent state-of-the-union speech set the stage for an annual federal spending proposal that threatens to further erode our nation’s long-standing commitment to advance the pace of medical research and drug access.

03.22.05   Advocacy Update: Federal Support for Cancer Issues in Decline
The science of cancer research holds unprecedented promise. Unfortunately, the issues of federal funding dominating the political agenda—for cancer research and drugs and treatments through Medicare—are not addressing this opportunity.

02.24.04   Advocacy Update: Congress Adjourns
Thanks to the persistent work of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), the conferees to the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill approved $500,000 to help support the IMF’s Bank On A Cure program.

08.30.02   Advocacy Update: Connecting the Dots

12.04.01   Advocacy Update - Winter 2001/2002
Congress Puts Research Pressure on Agencies to Raise Myeloma Awareness

12.01.00   Advocacy Update - December 2000