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IMF publications are a valuable resource for patients, family members and medical professionals.
IMF Multiple Myeloma Patient Handbook 2012/2013

Basic information for myeloma patients and caregivers. A good starting point in your search for information.

Concise Review of the Disease and Treatment Options
The IMF Concise Review of the Disease and Treatment Options is an overview of myeloma, with a discussion of the pathophysiology, clinical features, and treatment options. It is hoped that the information will be helpful to health professionals and patients alike.

The Myeloma Patient's Guide to Understanding Your Test Results

Myeloma is a complex disease that can have different features in each patient. It is important to understand your disease and to know which tests are best for monitoring your myeloma. No single test or study is adequate to tell the whole story about a patient’s status, but used together, test results give a more complete picture.