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These are but a few of the reasons that the IMF's Patient & Family Seminars are so important to the myeloma community.

Why Should I Attend an IMF Patient Family Seminar?

Jack Aiello
"Myeloma is such a complex disease that it is critical, in my standpoint, to be as well educated in understanding treatments and treatment responses and clinical trials available with respect to myeloma as possible."

Rolf Pelzing
"These seminars are the best source of information because usually the US is half a year or a year further ahead in research and treatment, so I know in advance what will be available to me in six months."

Michael Tuohy
"The Patient Family Seminar is a unique opportunity to listen and talk to the greatest doctors in the myeloma field today and talk to other patients and interact with them. It's a must for any myeloma patient."