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International Myeloma Working Group

The International Myeloma Working Group, a collaborative group of leading myeloma specialists around the globe, has a two-fold task: to publish consensus statements and guidelines for the management of myeloma and to conduct translational research—from lab bench to patient bedside--under the auspices of the International Myeloma Foundation. The following publications represent the work of the International Myeloma Working Group.

Combining Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (iFISH) data with ISS staging improves risk assessment in myeloma: an International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) collaborative project
Avet-Loiseau H, Morgan G, et al.
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Confirmation of the utility of the International Staging System and identification of a unique pattern of disease in Brazilian patients with multiple myeloma
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Criteria for the classification of monoclonal gammopathies, multiple myeloma and related disorders
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Genetic associations with thalidomide mediated venous thrombotic events in myeloma identified using targeted genotyping
Johnson DC, Corthals S., et. al
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Geriatric assessment predicts survival and toxicities in elderly myeloma: an International Myeloma Working Group report
Palumbo A., Bringhen S., et al.
Blood Jan 2015;10.1182/blood-2014-12-615187
International myeloma working group guidelines for serum free light chain analysis in multiple myeloma and related disorders
Dispenzieri A, Kyle R, Merlini G, et al.
Leukemia. 2009 Feb;23(2):215-24.

International Myeloma Working Group updated criteria for the diagnosis of multiple myeloma
Rajkumar S., Dimopoulos M., et al.
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International Staging System for Multiple Myeloma
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International uniform response criteria for multiple myeloma
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Molecular Classification of Multiple Myeloma
Spotlight Review
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Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and smoldering (asymptomatic) multiple myeloma: IMWG consensus perspectives risk factors for progression and guidelines for monitoring and management.
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Myeloma Management Guidelines
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Plasma cell leukemia: consensus statement on diagnostic requirements, response criteria and treatment recommendations
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Risk Stratification in Multiple Myeloma
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Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Management of Patients With Multiple Myeloma: A Consensus Statement
Dimopoulos MA, Hillengass J, ET AL.
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Serum free light chain analysis in multiple myeloma and related disorders
Spotlight Review
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The Current Role of Imaging Techniques in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Multiple Myeloma
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