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Myeloma Vocabulary

Guide to Myeloma Acronyms and Abbreviations

The following guide identifies commonly used myeloma abbreviations and acronyms.  Another document, The IMF Myeloma Terms and Definitions, defines these terms, and many others, more fully.  A third reference you may also find helpful, The IMF Guide to Drug Names, lists each approved and experimental myeloma drug by its number/letter code, generic name, and brand name.  

Glossary of Myeloma Terms & Definitions

The following guide identifies commonly used myeloma terms and definitions.

Guide to Drug Names

What do carfilzomib and PR-171 have in common? They are the same drug! Between the original name, the generic name and the brand name, it is hard to keep myeloma drugs straight. Here's a handy guide put together by IMF Medical Editor Debbie Birns.

Understanding the Language of Clinical Trials