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Recognizing and Addressing the Side Effects of Treatment


Here are some helpful links to explain the side effects of myeloma and its treatment and what can be done to prevent or control them. However, these are not a substitute for speaking with your doctor.

Side Effects
11.12.09  IMF Nurse Leadership Board Side Effects Fact Sheets
Part of the IMF Patient Education Tools Series, this document includes fact sheets on Preventing Blood Clots and Thromboembolic Events, Managing Steroid-Associated Side Effects, Managing Myelosuppression, Preventing Peripheral Neuropathy, and Managing Gastrointestinal Side Effects With Novel Agents for Multiple Myeloma
05.01.08  Mayo Clinic - Primer On Peripheral neuropathy
Peripheral neuropathy — damage to the nerves that carry sensation from your hands or feet — can cause numbness, tingling and burning sensations. A Mayo Clinic specialist provides some tips for managing this disorder.

11.06.09  Managing Side Effects of Novel Agents
IMF Nurse Leadership Board Member Deborah Doss, R.N., OCN Dana Farber Cancer Institute Boston, MA
11.12.09  Managing the Side Effects of Novel Agents
Webcast by Kena Miller, RN, MSN, FNP from the Washington 2009 Patient & Family Seminar

11.22.09  Managing Side Effects
This information is adapted from ASCO's "Optimizing Cancer Care: The Importance of Symptom Management," a curriculum that teaches doctors about understanding and treating the side effects of cancer and its treatments.
04.15.11  Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
Osteonecrosis (pronounced OSS-tee-oh-ne-KRO-sis) of the jaw is a rare conditon that involves the loss, or breakdown, of the jaw bone.