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Watch a Short Video About the IMF
For 20 years, the IMF has been on a mission, a mission to improve the lives of myeloma patients. With over 196,000 members in 113 countries worldwide, the IMF is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to finding a cure for myeloma.
The Founding of the International Myeloma Foundation
The story of how Susie Novis, Brian Novis, a myeloma patient, and Dr. Brian Durie established the IMF.

Why Should I Attend an IMF Patient & Family Seminar? Testimonials
Information, support, camaraderie. Whatever you need to help you can be found at the IMF's Patient and Family Seminars. Just ask a few people who have attended.
International Myeloma Foundation Research Initiatives
Bank On A Cure®, Circulating DNA, Proteomics—Three innovative programs that will take myeloma research and personalized treatment forward in the 21st century.

IMF Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Early detection is the best way to deal with cancer and your life. The International Myeloma Foundation is here to help. Until there is a cure...there is the IMF.